Jose Jiménez Ortiz, A map is not the territory

Videoexchange 2010-2012

Sharing Videopolitical Manifestos between Germany and Mexico
Ein Projekt von Isaac Torres

Dienstag, 5. Juni 2012, 19:30 Uhr
Screeningprogramm + Diskussion in englischer Sprache

Mit Videos von
Edgardo Aragón
Cristian Franco
José Jiménez Ortiz
Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda
Aisha Serrano
Isaac Torres



2010 was taken since many time before as a year of hope and celebration for Mexico. During the last years the markers have pointed the deficit in economical growth, the country have suffered drastic changes at a political level and is living one of its worst attacks against a listing of problems related to the violence of criminal groups and poverty increase. Finally 2010 has converted into a contradiction between celebrating a nation project that lives in a permanent questioning with a gradually disappearing tendency against the pressure of the International Market and the particular interests of the dominant class in Mexico. The current exhibition is a video demonstration of the work realized by a young generation of artists whom have been conscious witnesses of the changes suffered in the country for the last years. In the else projects of each artist an implicit political gene is noticed and in the presented video show is revealed. It is important to specify that 2010 show has been conceived from the video platform in order to its nature as a mean of instantly mechanical reproduction, converted into a political denounce weapon and as a medium to manifest positions and enunciations. Video-art in Mexico is today acquiring the position and the importance that popular graphics had once at 1910, the age of Mexican Revolution, as a social cohesion tool, testimonial register and denounce. The project intends to stand as the bridge between graphical denounce in 1910 and contemporary video in 2010, as a potential supporting to its constant practice. Nowadays, the video is one of the most used modes by the recent generations of young artists in Mexico.
Isaac Torres, México DF. August 12th, 2012

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