Member's Jour Fixe

The monthly member’s jour fixe is an open forum dedicated to a variety of topics. Current and upcoming exhibitions are discussed here as well as current affairs of the Kunstverein or his work beyond the public business. General concerns of art, cultural policy, society, etc. are also the subject of discussion. The members are expressly invited to suggest topics or to present their own ideas, questions or projects. For example, artist members regularly give insights into their most recent projects.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2018, 7 p.m.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2018, 7 p.m.


Wednesday, December 31, 2018, 7 p.m.
Artist Talk + Guided Tour to the exhibition
"twenty three and some more" in der Oberwelt e.V.

in the course of the
Member's Jour Fixe

Oberwelt e.V. is an artist-run exhibition and event space in Stuttgart (Germany). The association exists since 1978, organized by different persons and groups. Oberwelt stages exhibitions, projects, events, lectures, workshops and discussions, covering a wide range of contemporary art and art-presentation forms. Mainly non-established artists and groups are supported by shows or presentations in the Oberwelt e.V. The analysis and questioning of current ideas of art, art-business and politics in the area of inter-media and non-commercial art plays a central role, alongside broader explorations of theoretical, sociological and political ideas. Oberwelt e.V. is presentation platform, discussion forum, meeting point and network node for art activists and interested persons in Stuttgart.


Johanna Mangold und Jan-Hendrik Pelz see themselves as young independent artists confronted by a highly competitive art scene and art market in which they each have to secure a position for themselves. They encounter the dubious mechanisms, the unequal distribution of attention, capital and influence and the completely open question about objective “artistic quality” with a measure that will be more than a self-fulfilling prophecy: they brew a magic potion using select ingredients that turns whoever drinks it into the “best artist in the world”. Somewhere between great earnestness and tongue-in-cheek irony the artists found numerous select materials for use as ingredients in their potion, these were strictly documented and their relevance meticulously explained.

7 p.m.

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