Andújar, Daniel García / Dressler, Iris

Daniel Gracía Andujar, Iris Dressler, Ways of Working, Conversation
Published in: Valentín Roma (Ed.), The Unavowable Community, Actar, 2009

Castillo, Ramón

Startet den Datei-DownloadTo arrive late is arrive just in time (eng, pdf, 2007)
On CADA-Art Actions Collective, Diamela Eltit, Lotty Rosenfeld

Startet den Datei-DownloadTo arrive late is arrive just in time (esp, pdf, 2007)
Sobre CADA-Colectivo de Aciones de Arte, Diamela Eltit, Lotty Rosenfeld

Christ, Hans D.

Startet den Datei-DownloadWarning! This is a philosophical drawing. On the Drawings of Michaël Borremans (ger/eng, pdf, 2006)

At the Right Place: The Films of Stan Douglas in the Museum (eng, pdf, 2007)

Christ, Hans D. / Dressler, Iris

Startet den Datei-DownloadWays of Working (ger/eng, pdf, 2007)

Startet den Datei-DownloadProtocols of an Exhibition Project (ger/eng, pdf, 2007)
On the project "Muntadas. Protokolle", WKV, 2006

Davis, Fernando

Startet den Datei-DownloadPrácticas "revulsivas". Edgardo Antonio Vigo en el escena crítica de conceptualismo (esp, pdf, 2007)

Dressler, Iris

The Pianists. A Possible Approach to Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler’s “House with Pool” (eng, pdf, 2005)

Startet den Datei-DownloadWarning: Everything can be subject of my drawing. Dan Perjovschi's sketched worlds (ger/eng, pdf, 2006)

Startet den Datei-DownloadWhat is a stadium? And where does it take place? (ger/eng, pdf, 2007)

Specters of Douglas (eng, pdf, 2007)

Startet den Datei-DownloadStan Douglas. Past Imperfect. Introduction, Short Guide (ger/eng, pdf, 2007)

Startet den Datei-DownloadStan Douglas. Der Sandmann (ger/eng, pdf, 2007)

Startet den Datei-DownloadStan Douglas. Journey into Fear (ger/eng, pdf, 2007)

Startet den Datei-DownloadStan Douglas. Nu·tka· (ger/eng, pdf, 2007)

Startet den Datei-Download Stan Douglas. Pursuit, Fear, Catastrophe: Ruskin B.C. (ger/eng, pdf, 2007)

Startet den Datei-DownloadOn Difference #3: Politics of Space (germ/eng, pdf, 2007)
On the Expropriation and Re-appropriation of Social, Political, and Cultural Spaces of Action; Introduction "On Difference #1;
Introduction "On Difference #2

Iris Dressler, Subversive Practices, in: Subversive Practices. Art under Conditions of Political Repression. 60s - 80s, South America, Europe, ed. by Iris Dressler and Hans D. Christ, Exh.-cat. Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart, Ostfildern 2010

Mundt, Katrin

Startet den Datei-DownloadReflections on the Shallows of History (ger/eng, pdf, 2006)
On Fernando Bryce

 Stan Douglas. Inconsolable Memories (eng, pdf, 2007)

 Stan Douglas. Le Détroit (eng, pdf, 2007)

Stan Douglas. Monodramas (eng, pdf, 2007)

Stan Douglas. Overture (eng, pdf, 2007)

Stan Douglas. Vidéo (eng, pdf, 2007)

Pintilie, Ileana

 Startet den Datei-DownloadConceptual Art on the Edge. Some Romanian Perspectives between the '60's and the 80's  (eng, pdf, 2007)
On Paul Neagu, Pavel Ilies, Andrei Cadere, Ion Grigorescu

Roma, Valentín

Startet den Datei-DownloadSome "de-considerations" regarding the Grup de Treball and its historico-aesthetic context (eng, pdf, 2007)

Startet den Datei-DownloadAlgunas "desconsideraciones" acerca del Grup de Treball y su contexto histórico-estético (es, pdf, 2007)

Startet den Datei-DownloadImages (eng, pdf, 2007)

Startet den Datei-DownloadImagenes (es, pdf, 2007)

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