As last year, Württembergischer Kunstverein will be co-operating with the international “Stuttgarter Filmwinter” film festival in 2006 once again. In the form of an exhibition that will last far beyond the duration of the festival, ten of the media art installations nominated from a total of 283 entries will be presented. The Film Winter competition invitation is open. It does not specify a theme and its inter-genre approach allows both applied and free works. This openness also reflects the heterogeneous range of works on show at the exhibition: they range from “classical” video installation to mechanical, electronic applications that go back to the approaches of kinetic art in the 1960s, to interactive interfaces based on the processual possibilities offered by binary code. Staged “machine art” features alongside minimalist approaches and sound experiments. The omnipresent digital possibilities of forming “an image of the world” with no delay, the perception of the world as a “media stage”, and the natural handling of cineastic narrative patterns characterise this year’s Film Winter selection.

In addition to the nominated works, the exhibition also presents Malcom Le Grice's “Berlin Horse” installation from 1977. Le Grice ranks among the most important exponents of Expanded Cinema and has agreed to act as a member of the jury at this year’s Film Winter. In addition, he will also perform the “Horror Film” performance on Friday, January 20 (8 p.m.), that was shown at the documenta 6, as well as "Threshold".

Moreover, the nominations from the “On- Offline” category will be on show at Württembergischer Kunstverein. The competition held by IBM Deutschland GmbH presents works that make use of the new digital communication spaces in an unusual, creative and/or subversive way. In addition, there will also be numerous special events taking place at the Kunstverein during the festival.

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18. January 2006, 7:00 pm



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