Malcolm Le Grice

Berlin Horse (Exhibition view)
Performance WKV
Performance WKV


Berlin Horse, 1970, 9:00 Min., 2 x 16mm double projection
Berlin Horse is based on two sequences – one shot by Le Grice originally in 8mm and refilmed in 16mm – the other a piece of found early newsreel. The common subject is of horses the first a horse being exercised and the second horses being led from a burning stable. Both sequences were visually transformed and recoloured through various film printing techniques at the London Film Makers’ Cooperative. The sound is an original track by Brian Eno.

Film performances
Presentation: 20. January 2006, 8:00 pm

Horror Film I, 1971
This performance work was first presented in 1971. It involves three 16 mm projectors each with a short loop of full screen changing colour. They are projected onto the same screen – the centre image large and the two side images smaller and superimposed into the centre of the larger screen. The performance is concerned with the presence of the body and its complex colour shadow. The action begins touching the screen and – passing through the space of the audience – it ends at the projectors. The actions are timed to an audio tape of breathing. Though improvised in detail to fit the particular time and place, the action follows a consistent pattern that has changed little since the first performance.

Threshold, 1972, 17:00 Min., 16 mm triple projection






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