Helmut Draxler: Capital and Postcapital Art

Lecture (german)
Tuesday, December 16, 2008, 7 pm

Capital and art can be understood neither as total opposites nor as being in complete congruity—but rather as mutually superimposing spheres of symbolic accumulation. These superimpositions can be considered reciprocal intensifications in which one sphere becomes the embodiment of the other; yet they can also define realms where the contradictions and inconsistencies inherent in both sides become apparent. In this sense the sphere of postcapital art is actuated.

Helmut Draxler, art and cultural theorist, occasional independent curator, resides in Berlin and works as professor of aesthetic theory at the Merz Akademie college of design in Stuttgart. Publications: Gefährliche Substanzen: Zum Verhältnis von Kritik und Kunst (Berlin, 2007); Die Gewalt des Zusammenhangs: Raum, Referenz und Repräsentation bei Fareed Armaly (Berlin, 2007); as editor: Sabeth Buchmann, Helmut Draxler, Stephan Geene, ed., Film, Avantgarde, Biopolitik (Vienna, 2008); Helmut Draxler, ed., Shandyismus: Autorschaft als Genre (Stuttgart, 2007).

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