Exhibition of the Year 2015 [AICA, German Section]
Exhibition Highlight 2015 [Ana Teixeira Pinto, Frieze d/e]
Most Important Exhibition of the Year 2015 [Kolja Reichert, Art]

AICA, German Section

Exhibition of the Year 2015

"The exhibition “The Beast and is the Sovereign” investigates the effects of hegemonic power in unorthodox ways and from multiple perspectives, utilizing four highly current themes.

Geographically, the exhibition covers a large area and approaches its topic of interest from unique artistic positions and discoveries as well as a thick array of groups of works from all genres. Questions of religion and its abuse, the fall-out from capitalist economy, entanglements of biological research and the inheritance from colonial power relations are being addressed intensively and in a consistently sophisticated way. Conceptually rooted in Jacques Derrida’s allegorical pairing of “the beast” and “the sovereign,” the curators succeed in creating a highly charged superstructure without reducing the individual works to mere illustrations.

The scandal occurring at the opening this spring in Barcelona and the numerous personnel consequences that followed also gave rise to a wide range of questions regarding politics and business influences on programs of public cultural institutions in Europe, calling for their inspection in the time to come. How and why do censorship and inherent self-censorship develop? Which exhibitions are missing and currently not being made for these reasons?"

International AICA, German section

Ana Teixeira Pinto, Frieze d/e

Exhibition Highlight 2015
"The most embattled exhibition of 2015, The Beast and the Sovereign was reduced to the scandal surrounding the sculpture by Austrian artist Ines Doujak depicting the former Spanish king, Juan Carlos I, naked, on all fours, mounted by a Bolívian labour leader, and a German Shepherd. At the MACBA in Barcelona, the exhibition was closed, then re-opened, the curators were fired and the director resigned. The exhibition is much more than the one artwork, however: it’s a multidimensional portrait of power and its modes of address, and of those power excludes." Ana Teixeira Pinto, Frieze d/e

Kolja Reichert, Art Kunstmagazin / Review 2015

Most important exhibition of 2015
"Es ist vielleicht ein bisschen naheliegend, "Die Bestie und ist der Souverän" im Württembergischen Kunstverein Stuttgart zu wählen, die schon von der AICA zur Ausstellung des Jahres erklärt wurde. Aber mal abgesehen von der wichtigen politischen Debatte über kuratorische Freiheit in Institutionen, die MACBA-Direktor Bartomeu Marí mit seinem Zensurversuch in der ersten Version der Ausstellung in Barcelona auslöste, ist die Schau in kuratorischer Hinsicht wirklich modellhaft. Darin, wie sie unterschiedlichste Stimmen und Kunstentwürfe zusammen bringt und neue Formen der Zusammenarbeit vorstellt". Kolja Reichert, Spike

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