Actually, the Dead Are Not Dead: Politics of Life

Reopening on May 8, 2020
Extended until August 23, 2020

Courtesy: the artists

Antonio Centeno / Raúl de la Morena

Yes, We Fuck!, 2015
Video, color, sound, 59'
The 2015 documentary Yes, We Fuck! comprises six short stories that address the sexual and political desires of people with functional, mental, and intellectual diversity. Jointly directed by the Spanish filmmakers and activists Antonio Centeno Ortiz and Raúl de la Morena, the film tells of post-porn workshops, sexual assistance as a profession and vocation, the recognition of one’s body as both desiring and desirable, and the project of new collective of political imaginaries and narratives... read more at page "Works"

Anna Dasovic

So, On Behalf Of My Country and From the Bottom Of My Heart, 2019
Installation: video, color, multichannel sound, 11’; text
On July 11, 2015, Anna Dasovic attended the burial of 136 people in Potocari, a town located in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is an annual event to commemorate the genocide that took place in Srebrenica in July 1995 and to lay to rest the remains excavated over the course of the preceding year from mass grave sites. It is the only annually televised mass funeral in the world… read more at page "Works"

Siri Hermansen

Addet Àndagassii / Om Forlatelse / Apology, 2014
Video installation, 24’
Paragraph 108 of the Norwegian Constitution says: "The state authorities are required to make provision to ensure that the Sámi peoples can retain and develop their language, their culture and their social life." This paragraph, which was added to the constitution in 1987, is regarded as important security for the preservation of the culture of the Sámi people. Nonetheless, their culture is threatened by economic interests that covet the rich natural resources in the northern hemisphere. Apology draws on King Harald’s official apology to the Sámi people at the inauguration of the Sámi Parliament in 1997... read more at page "Works"

Åsa Sonjasdotter

Cultivating Stories, 2019
Series of digital prints of historical photographs and HD video
Co-produced by Bergen Assembly 2019
Courtesy: Åsa Sonjasdotter
See: Shutdown-Programm #6

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