Querungen 2020


The Württembergischer Kunstverein, which resides since 2012 in the modern complex of the Stuttgart Kunstgebäude (art building), that is, in the Glass Box and the Cube, has opened a new project space situated between the Glass Box and the passageway to the old part of the building. 

The project series Querungen (Traversals) was conceived for this newly defined space, with a focus on being a critical place of resonance, open to being shaped collaboratively by the Kunstverein and the many local / regional protagonists of contemporary art.

Involved here are processes of reciprocal viewing, assessment, and reevaluation in ever new, repetitive, and shifting constellations, as well as dislocations and cross-references, but also de- and re-contextualizations between the different scenes, institutions, initiatives, and individuals. To be engendered here is a multiperspectival and polyphonic space—a laboratory, working place, and hub—where internal and external, local and global positions of an artistic and curatorial nature are intercorrelated.

The project title Traversals subsumes an open sequence of exhibitions, which associate presentation, discourse, and agency and which are to take place in parallel to the exhibitions and events held in the Cube and the Glass Box. Relationships and superimpositions between the various programs are planned, as are completely independent projects.

Traversals is designed to establish a space for exploring individual works of art or entire work complexes and also constellations of diverse artistic articulations. Equal consideration will be granted to current and historical, local and international positions, in view of their actual or possible intersections.

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