Exhibition of the artist members
of the Württembergischer Kunstverein

September 17 – 19, 2021
Shared Space #Parkside

At the end of the exhibition of the artist members twe present a fulminant closing event weekend with performances, readings, workshops and much more.


Eva Schmeckenbecher, GEMCO, scan, 2021

Eva Schmeckenbecher, GEMCO (working title)
6 pm

A dream of thoroughly red figures is followed a few days later by the discovery of a red plastic doll. In Eva Schmeckenbecher's video installation the red plastic doll itself appears. GEMCO is an unfinished work, a sketch. It focuses attention on the self-experienced phenomenon that a dream anticipates something from reality, nothing more.

Lavinia Munteanu, Annagreta König Dansokho, Oracle
6:30 p.m.

In the ancient Near East, hieromancy was a widespread technique for predicting the
the future by recognizing and interpreting meaningful patterns in offerings. The interpretation of signs from the entrails of animals served as a governmental
institution to give shape to the amorphous future. Today, scientific forecasts have a similar goal, but from what do they derive their plausibility? Doesn't the scientific discourse reach its limits when regularities are provided and the future is tried to be "tamed" by causal correlations? The video work Oracle questions the the production of knowledge and meaning, and at the same time insinuates that predictions are an irrational basis at the same time.

! Cancelled !
Madeleine Schwinge, The Imaginary Territory. A lecture at the edge of time
8 pm

The lecture The Imaginary Territory inquires into the possibilities of socio-cultural transformation under the conditions of radical crises. It is a call for departure. Madeleine Schwinge works at the intersections of art, curation and speculative future design. Central to this is the exploration of the questions, how change can succeed sustainably and in which "fields of mutation" (Schwinge) groundbreaking approaches can already be found. Based on this lecture, a workshop will be held on Saturday.


! Cancelled !
Madeleine Schwinge, Speculative Diaries. A workshop on the art of creative change
2 pm

Transformation is a social and cultural task; it needs to create a new culture. The Speculative Diaries workshop is a practical guide to the daily hero journey to a better tomorrow. Participants will be guided to experimentally develop sketches for their personal futures and to derive concrete action impulses for a life that is perceived as fulfilling and meaningful life. In doing so, Madeleine Schwinge will provide insights into artistic, curatorial and systemic working methods, supplemented by neuroscientific insights.

Kathrin Kaps, Thermohygrograph, 2021

Kathrin Kaps, Claude Horstmann, MAGMOZONIER. Play by Helmut Kaps
7 p.m.

"To the Magmozonier terrain, free space won to live there intensively".
Visual artist Kathrin Kaps has posthumously adapted her father's theater piece MAGMOZONIER. Together with Claude Horstmann, she has designed a spatial-visual setting in which this text, along with its character and idiosyncrasies, is spoken by Claude Horstmann. The production follows the thinking of language from the visual arts and is in it contemplation, experiment and venture.

Copyright: Manuel Müller and Mona Barmeier

Cindy Cordt, Corrupting Punctuation with the Triangle
8:30 pm

Corrupting Punctuation with the Triangle is about sea voyages, about expeditions into the unknown, of the mightiness as well as vulnerability of nature, but also of surreal memories of childhood and personal neuroses. With her concept of Modern Storytelling, the performance and video artist Cindy Cordt questions the entanglements and specific forces of theater and performance. Dramaturgical and narrative elements are in dialogue with physical action and stage design as a modern artistic practice.


Photo: FUKS, 2021

FUKS (Kerstin Schaefer, Christa Munkert, Special Guest: Susanne Waiss) NTERACTIVE INSTALLATION
12 - 5 pm

The Stuttgart formation of visual artists FUKS (FREIE UNABHÄNGIGE KÜNSTLERINNEN STUTTGART) will occupy the shared space #Parkseite for one day with a performance session that will involve all passers-by and visitors: In a creative dialogue with one of the three artists each, artworks are developed - a small painting, a drawing, a textile work, a collage. The duration of the collaboration is determined by the guest, she/he decides when the object is finished: After a minute, after an hour? What is created will be given to the participating guests afterwards: A gift that has grown out of collaboration and full effort.
Please note that this event will be filmed.

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