Grafik: Victoria Kieffer
Nicolas Buzzi & Li Tavor, Installation view Talking Measures or How to Lose Track, Istituto Svizzero Milano 2021, Photo: Giulio Boem
Performance Talking Measures or How to Lose Track am Istituto Svizzero Milano 2021, Photo: Giulio Boem
Performer Voin de Voin
Rhoda Davids Abel, A report of birds not seen, 2021

CrisinCrisis – Suspension of Disbelief

Shared Space #Querungen
Decemeber 2–4, 2022
Transdisciplinary Festival and Exhibition

Artists: Nicolas Buzzi, Rhoda Davids Abel, Wolfram Lotz, Rework, Die Räucherei (Marcus G. Bergmann), Sabrina Schray, Li Tavor, Voin de Voin
Conzept: Sandra Oehy & Martin Zieske / Curation: Sandra Oehy
Opening: Friday, December 2, 2022, from 6pm
Insta: @crisincrisis_festival
As part of a three-day transdisciplinary festival, an international group of artists takles different ways of dealing with fractures and ruptures in the general perception of reality, both on an individual and on a societal and political level. Particular attention is paid to the effects of the pandemic on society and cultural creation. The event includes an exhibition, workshops, performances, a reading, and a concluding panel discussion with food.
Art Production under the Sign of Crisis in Crisis
At the center of this endeavour stands art production under the sign of the crisis in crisis. The corona pandemic and the following global economic, political and societal developments – including the outbreak of war in Ukraine – poses great psychological stress for many people, at the same time a larger part of life, including cultural life, now takes place online. Both also influence the practice of artists. Many artistic practices and works were lastingly influenced by these crises, which broke – in a way from “outside” – into the midst of many projects.
The project CrisinCrisis - Suspension of Disbelief thus deals with a double crisis, both the specific individual and socially experienced extreme psychological situation in times of crisis. It allows the effects of the (post-)pandemic reality, shaped by war and economic crisis, in production and content to flow together selectively. In various event formats, we try to work out how the shift in reality caused by these breaks, fractures and ruptures in recent times reflects back on what is perceived as a normal perception of reality, how these shifts are processed and thus new narratives are produced. Can a crisis - viewed more generally - not also serve to reveal the irreality of perception in non-crisis times and lead to a deeper understanding and a more sustainable handling of extreme psychological situations?
Suspension of Disbelief
The starting point for the project, which is designed as a two-day transdisciplinary festival, is the examination of the practices of selected cultural workers who – all in their own way – deal with ruptures and fractures in the current perception of reality from different perspectives, both on an individual and societal political level. Together we want to investigate the questions: When does a new narrative become reality? How are gaps and breaks in narratives, including alternative ones, incorporated and integrated into this reality? Conversely, when and why do you stop believing in a certain narrative? The concept of "Suspension of Disbelief", which stems from literary and film theory, describes the ability to accept a narrative and its claims as true, as well as to be able to accept gaps in logic and the unreal as part of it. It serves as a starting point for those involved to critically question breaks in the all-encompassing realism of digitized late capitalist society.
In times of conspiracy theories fueled by social media, which strongly influence the political and social climate, a conscious examination of how to deal with gaps in narratives is a socio-political concern of the greatest relevance: The associated strengthening of contingency in dealing with real experienced and imagined complexity is our concern.

Funded by the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart and Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia; Cooperation partner: Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

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