Soft Reading / Deep Listening

Monday: December 4 + 11 + 18, 2023, each 7–9 p.m.
A project by and with Vesna Hetzel
With texts by Johanna Hedva, Audre Lorde, Paul B. Preciado and Virginie Despentes and others.
The meetings can also be attended independently of each other.
Admission: free

Together we will read texts by people whose language arises from their bodies, whose writing means inscribing themselves into their bodies, who manifest, protest, care, desire, love and share through their language.

The primarily auto fictional and essayist texts deal with body and intimacy, illness and resistance, dis/ability, Queerness and desire. The selection is inspired by Adina Pintilie’s bibliography for the exhibition You Are Another Me. A Cathedral of the Body with addition of further texts.
We will read selected passages together and talk about them in order to find relationships to each other and to ourselves, to our body (knowledge) and our experiences.

The texts are in English and German. We will help each other with translations and understanding.

There is no previous knowledge required concerning any of the authors or topics, only curiosity.

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