Works in the exhibition

Adina Pintilie. You Are Another Me. A Cathedral of the Body
October 28, 2023 – January 14, 2024

Space plan, 3D model by Martin Backhaus, as of 9/2023
You Are Another Me. A Cathedral of the Body, 2022, Installation View Biennale di Venezia 2022, Photo: Clelia Cadamuro, Performers: Christian Bayerlein, Hermann Müller, Dirk Lange, Laura Benson
You Are Another Me. A Cathedral of the Body, 2022, Still, Performer: Hermann Müller, Dirk Lange
You Are Another Me. A Cathedral of the Body, 2022, Still, Performer: Laura Benson
You Are Another Me. A Cathedral of the Body, 2022, Still, Performers: Hanna Hofmann, Laura Benson
You Are Another Me. A Cathedral of the Body, 2022, Still, Performers: Grit Uhlemann, Christian Bayerlein

For You Are Another Me. A Cathedral of the Body, the exhibition space of the Kunstverein will be divided into two segments, a dark zone at the front and a light zone at the back. This creates spaces of experience in which the visitors themselves have to fathom closeness and distance, intimacy and the drawing of boundaries again and again.

Cathedral of the Body, 2023
nine-channel video installation in seven chapters
The dark area, which visitors enter first, is the site of the nine-channel digital film installation Cathedral of the Body, in which the six protagonists of the project interact with each other in various constellations within the framework of fictitious and real play scenes and in doing so deal with the relationship to their own bodies and to the bodies of others. They are the activists for disability rights Christian Bayerlein and Grit Uhlemann, the actress and educator Laura Benson, the transgender activist and sex worker Hanna Hofmann, and the actors Hermann Müller and Dirk Lange.

The film installation consists of three screens, each in three parts, arranged in an altar shape, over which seven sequentially running units or chapters are projected: The Gaze; A Gun and a Child; The Third Body; The Prayer; What About Your Body?; Metamorphosis; I Think We Have an Audience.
Waffenstillstand, 2023
(“Weapons Standing Still”)
Installation with film set, cameras, spotlights, microphones, teleprompters and semi-transparent walls for eight-channel video work; performance with Dirk Lange and Hermann Müller (premiere: January 11, 2024)
The bright area is the site of the installation newly developed for Stuttgart, which focuses on the relationship of a couple and its possible end. The installation is composed of three room segments whose semi-transparent walls themselves serve as projection surfaces and in which the staging of the cinematic apparatus - from a film set to oversized teleprompters that are used equally as objects and screens - plays a decisive role. The re-staged film set of a bedroom refers to her most recent film project, Death and the Maiden, which is currently still in development and in which Lange and Müller are also central.

The overall installation forms the environment of a new eight-channel video work. This consists of text fragments and excerpts from video diaries of the two protagonists, which are projected onto the semi-transparent walls, as well as conversations between them and Pintilie, which can be seen on the teleprompters.

The installation creates a multi-layered landscape of open narratives, constantly rearranging itself from text and film fragments, spatial elements, technical objects, and the shadows of the visitors. At the same time, it forms the environment - the palimpsest, as it were - of a two-and-a-half-hour performance with Lange and Müller, which will be premiered there at the end of the exhibition and filmed in the presence of the audience.

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