Darya Tsymbalyuk, I Dream of Seeing the Steppe Again, since 2022 (plant book, excerpt)
Serhii Lymanskyi, Photos from Kreidova Flora, exhibiiton view WKV 2023, Photo: Hans D. Christ

Art and Life in Times of War

Darya Tsymbalyuk, I Dream of Seeing the Steppe Again
Saturday, July 8, 2023, 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Language: English
Participants can join and leave the workshop at any time.
Free of charge. A donation is requested for Serhii Lymanskyi, Director of the Kreidova Flora Nature Reserve in Donetsk.

Artist and researcher Darya Tsymbalyuk invites to conversations and the creation of a collective drawing. The content of the workshop revolves around the specifics of a nature reserve in eastern Ukraine (Donetsk oblast), the Kreidova Flora (Chalk Flora), as well as the impacts of war on ecosystems. The starting point are photographs, which Serhii Lymanskyi, the director of the reserve, took of it: a sanctuary for numerous rare and endangered plant species growing on calcareous soils. At the same time, the front line of the current war ran for months through the Kreidova Flora. With the workshop, Tsymbalyuk offers to "dream together about the Ukrainian steppe, which suffers from shelling and landmines and is home to many species threatened by Russia's war against Ukraine." At the same time, it is linked to a fundraising campaign for Lymanskyi, whose infrastructures for the protection of the Kreidova flora were destroyed. "This is a drop-in all-day workshop, so come for 10 minutes or 40, to chat and/or to draw, bring a friend, bring a grandma, bring anyone." (Darya Tsymbalyuk)

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